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Affiliation Information



It is a league requirement that all teams playing in the Queensmead Netball league are affiliated as stated in our rules.   This is to ensure that all teams, players and umpires are covered by England Netball insurance.


Affiliating is simple and you can do this in 2 ways:


1.        Online          

For clubs new to England Netball to affiliate online, please email us on: lynnj@englandnetball.co.uk or call us on: 01462 442 344 (and ask for Membership Services). 

Please send us an e-mail with the following information or phone us with this information:

"¢ Your club's name
"¢ The county you are affiliating through (if you don't know, call us on the number above)
"¢ Name of your club secretary / contact
"¢ Your club's contact address
"¢ Your club's contact email

We will then activate your Club Login and Password and inform you either via email or letter when this has been done.

If you would rather affiliate manually (we'd prefer online if possible – it's quicker and easier!), contact your county affiliation secretary, see below

All this information is available at:   www.englandnetball.co.uk  Cick on Membership and read the information




2.        If you don't have access to the internet you should call the Middlesex

          County Affiliations Secretary:

Brenda Horn


Phone:0784116416 or home 01895 448731




She will give you all the information in order to affiliate



Affiliation benefits include:

Join England Netball to get a great package of benefits and to connect with over 1 million netballers accross England

www.englandnetball.co.uk or Call 01462 442344 and ask for Affiliations 




·                             - Six issues per year of Netball Magazine – News, offers, competitions, giveaways, tips and ideas

·                             - Comprehensive Liability and Personal Accident insurance including time off work and physio cover.

·                             - Access to England Netball courses, awards and events.

·                             - Entry to England Netball's competitions – a player-centred, exciting, high-quality structure which identifies and nurtures talent, and where participants are encouraged to become the best they can be at their level.

·                             - Discounts on Netball merchandise and test series tickets, as well as an increasing range of exclusive offers from England Netball's partners.

·                             - Information, advice and support direct from our County, Regional and National networks.
Support from England Netball qualified Coaches and Umpires.

·                             - Membership card, and access to our exclusive Members Login section on the website, where members can access exclusive      discounts, prize draws, and free downloads.

·                             - Entry into our draw for free test series tickets (five sets of two tickets each per Region)


·                             - Each club receives a CD-Rom of essential tools and resources for managing and developing their club.

·                             - The nominated club representative receives a copy of the Association's Annual Report, and an annual handbook containing a comprehensive list of contacts, and general netball guidance.

·                             - Access to our Clubs Action Planning Scheme (CAPS). Linked to Sport England's Clubmark programme, CAPS helps your Club to develop in many areas, such as: attracting and encouraging new players and volunteers; coaching and competition; club management / administration; applying for funding.

·                             - Influence the future of netball in England by voting (one vote per club) at General Meetings.

·                             - Equity and Welfare benefits for clubs include access to child protection, and to equal opportunities and sports equity advice and resources.

Affiliation is made via your local club and an additional county and region fee may apply – please contact the Affiliations Department for further details.

In addition to the direct benefits that you receive, or opt into, England Netball is constantly working to raise the profile of netball with agencies and organisations so that the sport can continue to develop and, hopefully, receive the recognition it really deserves. Since 1998 netball has featured in the Commonwealth Games and has now been nominated a "Core Sport". England came 3rd at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games which is one place up from their 4th placing in Manchester in 2002.

A major part of England Netball's work is centred on securing the future of the sport for young people - without them there would be no future for netball. Resources are available through England Netball Merchandise, as well as the Development department to support clubs and schools that are willing to enhance their support to young netballers. England Netball has been, and continues to be, a strong supporter of the Active Sports Programme - a government scheme, funded by the lottery, which helps put resources into the grass roots of the sport.

Much of England Netball's work is unseen by members but is immensely valuable. It includes work with:

Sport England  – netball is one of a number of sports rewarded with an enhanced service which can include an increase in our annual grant to support development. Sport England has an enormous influence on other agencies and they will be constantly promoting netball on our behalf as well.

scUK – (Sports Coach UK) has appointed an officer to work with governing bodies. One day a week has been allocated specifically for netball to support us with our work on Performance and Excellence.

The Youth Sports Trust – works with eight sports including netball, promoting the sport as well as providing education and training for teachers and coaches working with young people.